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Get your lawn ready for spring

It's time to get your lawn ready for spring. As your lawn responds to springs wake up call, you need to help prepare it for healthy growth with the care it needs to thrive.  We wrote a list of things you defiantly shouldn't miss this spring if you want to have the best looking lawn this summer. 

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Expert lawn care in the Canterbury area

From sowing new turf to bringing patchy lawns back to life

We have the knowledge, experience, and machinery to ensure your grass is always in peak condition.

Our services cover everything from residential maintenance to commercial green spaces, right through to creating and maintaining sports fields and specialised turfs. With our residential packages, pristine lawns without the labour start from just $99 a month.

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Why choose Turf Tech?

Expert skills

We are qualified green keepers with a passion for grass and turf care

Specialist equipment

The best lawn and turf care machinery perfectly maintained and expertly operated for precision every time

Local knowledge

We understand the unique conditions and challenges faced by Canterbury lawns

Genuine care and attention

We treat each lawn as if it were our own

Save time

Lawn care is not a quick, one off job; we’ll give you the perfect lawn without hours of ongoing work


A+ turf and lawn care

I started using TurfTech a few months ago as I was sick and tired of seeing all sorts of growth in the lawn that shouldn’t be there. Their regular plan means that I can focus on simply cutting the grass and trimming the edges, and the lawn is already well on the way to looking what a lawn should look like i.e. grass without the nasty extras 

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We are the qualified greens keepers and lawn care specialists who have been taking care of Canterbury’s turf since 1993.

You can rely on our knowledge, experience and machinery to ensure your green spaces are always in peak condition.

More than just ‘tidying up the garden’

Our lawn maintenance packages are designed to give you the garden you want without the hassle. Starting from just $99 to cover the basics, tell us a bit about your lawn so we can deliver the right solution.