Get your lawn ready for spring

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Whether winter at yours was wet, cold, or both, putting the effort in to get your lawn back up to standard during spring will only pay dividends in the months...

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Turf Technologies is now CarboNZero certified

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As a company that works exclusively with our environment, our livelihood depends preserving it for future generations.

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How to build your own raised garden bed

Building your own raised garden bed

The perfect addition to your perfect lawn, a raised garden bed is a simple way to bring life into your patch of Eden.

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Choosing the right lawnmower

Choosing the right lawnmower

When choosing the right lawnmower, factor in the size of your lawn, the terrain (hilly or flat) and obstacles (trees or garden), how long you want to spend mowing and...

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Get your lawn ready for winter

Winter lawn

Winter brings a few challenges for your lawn – less light, low root oxygen in damp or soggy areas and the competitive growth of weeds and the other unwanted plants. Here are six great things you can do to keep your turf thriving over the cooler months. Visit our website and find out what they are.

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Making man’s best friend your lawn’s best friend, too.

Pet urine is damaging for your lawn

There is no home comfort more welcoming, loving and cuddly than having a dog. Furry, friendly and always down for some pats, dogs make houses into homes.

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Does having a lawn increase property value?

Lawn increases property value

Who hasn’t heard about curb appeal? When selling a house, if it looks inviting on the outside people are more likely to want to see the inside. 

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How to use coffee grounds to fertilise a lawn

Use coffee grounds to fertilise a lawn

Not only can coffee revitalise us in the morning, it can also revitalise our lawns. Here are the main reasons to consider using coffee grounds on your lawn and how to best apply them.

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Top 5 Most Common Lawn Weeds

Weed spraying

As lawn care specialists we are asked almost daily about weeds - how to spot them, why they’re a problem and what to do about them. To help you identify weeds on your lawn, here are the five most common ones we encounter on a regular basis.

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Does your lawn need dethatching?

Lawn dethatching and maintenance

Dethatching is an important part of lawn maintenance. Learn about what is it, what causes it and how to fix it. 

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Tell us how we can help

We are the qualified greens keepers and lawn care specialists who have been taking care of Canterbury’s turf since 1993.

You can rely on our knowledge, experience and machinery to ensure your green spaces are always in peak condition.

More than just ‘tidying up the garden’

Our lawn maintenance packages are designed to give you the garden you want without the hassle. Starting from just $99 to cover the basics, tell us a bit about your lawn so we can deliver the right solution.