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lawn care packages

Lawn and grounds keeping services that go beyond ‘tidying up the garden’.

Finding you don't have the time to keep your yard in shape? Have an event coming up and need your lawn and gardens entertainment ready?

We provide packages starting from just $99 that cover weed spraying, fertilizing, scarifying, treating grass grubs and more.

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Experts at lawn care

Lawn Care and Renovations

We specialise in aerating and treating lawns with weeds, disease, brown spots or dead patches. If something’s not quite right with your lawn, we can quickly identify and carry out the best solution. Or we can start from scratch by sowing new turf and lawns.

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We do the work so you don't have to

Specialist Mowing

Talk to us about specialised mowing services. We have the right people, the right equipment, and the right experience to tackle tricky or labourious areas such as hill mowing, paddocks and large sections, and reel mowing when required.

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Why choose us?

Expert skills

We are qualified greens keepers with a passion for grass and turf care

Specialist equipment

The best lawn and turf care machinery, perfectly maintained and expertly operated

Local knowledge

We understand the unique conditions and challenges faced by Canterbury lawns


Fixed price packages

I started using TurfTech a few months ago as I was sick and tired of seeing all sorts of growth in the lawn that shouldn’t be there. Their regular plan means that I can focus on simply cutting the grass and trimming the edges, and the lawn is already well on the way to looking what a lawn should look like i.e. grass without the nasty extras…..

Damien of Sumner

Tell us how we can help

We are the qualified greens keepers and lawn care specialists who have been taking care of Canterbury’s turf since 1993.

You can rely on our knowledge, experience and machinery to ensure your green spaces are always in peak condition.

More than just ‘tidying up the garden’

Our lawn maintenance packages are designed to give you the garden you want without the hassle. Starting from just $99 to cover the basics, tell us a bit about your lawn so we can deliver the right solution.