Lawn dethatching and maintenance

Firstly, what is thatch?

Thatch is a combination of dead and living shoots, stems and roots which develops between the oil and the grass blades. It appears when turf produces debris faster than it can be broken down.  The root of the problem is a mixture of biological, cultural and environmental factors, some of which are extremely difficult to prevent. As well as this, modern-day gardening practises also come into play with the problem. People are inclined to overwater their soil and use more heavy nitrogen fertilizer products which in-turn, causes the lawn to grow faster.

What issues can too much thatch cause? 

A small amount of thatch can be beneficial, but when it becomes excessive (over half an inch thick) it can cause serious issues to your lawn by creating an appealing environment for pests and disease. Thatch prevents sunlight reaching the lower grass blades, as well as hold a lot of the moisture and nutrients which is needed for the roots. 

Gaining control 

There are various ways in which you can dethatch your lawn but are all dependant on the size of your lawn, how serious your thatch problem is, as well as the equipment you have on hand or willing to hire. 

Here are some ways in which you can restore health to your lawn.

1.The manual process

By using a thatch rake, you can vigorously rake out thatch which will help loosen and lift up your thatch without causing too much stress to your lawn. However, this is only practical for small lawns as it can become very hard work.

2.Mechanical Equipment

By using a vertical mower or a power rake you can gain more precision being able to set specific spacing based on the grass type. A dethatcher machine will bring the thatch to surface which you can rake and dispose of. Bear in mind that rental equipment can be heavy and large and so you may need to assess whether the machine will fit in your car first. 

3.Hire a professional

If you’re uncertain about how and when to dethatch then consider hiring a professional to do the task. This way you can fork out small costs for the hard work to be done, while you take care of the lower maintenance follow-up duties. 

Turf Technologies can provide dethatching services with a free consultation beforehand. There are certain times of the year of when dethatching should be done, so get in touch via the contact form or by phone and we’ll be touch within the next 48 hours with a solution.

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