Use coffee grounds to fertilise a lawn

Not only can coffee revitalise us in the morning, it can also revitalise our lawns. For us, it’s the caffeine that does the magic. For your lawn it’s the minerals coffee contains - nitrogen and phosphorus. Here are the main reasons to consider using coffee grounds on your lawn and how to best apply them.

Benefits of coffee grounds

Being small/fine and a dark brown in colour they’re unnoticeable once spread amongst the grass.

They’re a slow release fertisiler, the opposite of most synthetic products. This allows your lawn to benefit from the nutrients for a longer period of time, ensuring stronger turf for longer.

Unlike synthetic fertilizer, where incorrect application can have disastrous affects like burning the lawn or contaminating water via run off, coffee grounds have no such adverse affects.

Worms like them. Earthworms eat the coffee grounds and in return aerate your lawn and encourage beneficial microbial activity.

Coffee grounds are an eco friendly, no-waste lawn product.

They’re often going cheap or free from cafes and petrol stations with a coffee machine.

How to apply coffee grounds on lawns

Simply throw them out there and let them lay where they fall. The worms will work at them to break them up or they’ll eventually get spread when you mow.

Rake or sweep them across the grass so it’s not left in big clumps.

Mix them in with the water when irrigating your lawn. Mix about 500g per 20L of water.

Make a bucket spreader. Drill several 1/4-inch holes in the bottom of a small bucket. Put the coffee grounds in the bucket and carry it back and forth across the lawn shaking out the grounds.

Reapply every month or two and enjoy a thick, green turf.

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